Annual Catalog 2018 - 2019

She believed she could.


The last few weeks have been full of emotion.  I’ve spent the most of September pushing harder than I’ve ever pushed before to reach the goal of Silver Elite.  It was a time full of ups and downs – tears and laughter – but mostly pure determination.  I had been so close before and always just missed it.  This time I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity.

I need to publicly thank several people who helped me along the way this month.

I have to first say thank you to my amazing husband.  He knew how had I wanted to earn my promotion and worked my business right beside me.  There is no way I could have done this without his support.  He has always been my biggest supporter and the best partner a girl can have.

My family – my kids, my mom, my sister – thank you for helping me with my classes, preparing orders, ordering and joining my team.  Your love and support helps to keep me going.

My customers who I choose to call family – thank you for hearing my call for help and stepping up to help me reach my goal. I certainly could not have reached my goal without your support!  You reach deep – and you provided.  THANK YOU!

To my team – WOW – you ladies are amazing!  You stretched yourselves to ensure you that you met your goals and to support me in my goals.  You are really truly amazing and I am so glad to have you as a Blessed Stamper.

My Stampin’ Up! friends  – Christine, Monica, Tanya:  You have been the ones to send me notes, texts, phone calls, and kept me focused on my goals.  When I felt discouraged – you reminded me that I could and I would do it.  Thank you for being my sisters.

My Business Advisor Felecia:  I was blessed with an amazing opportunity to work with you.  Thank you for helping break my goals down – keeping me focused on each step.  But, mostly for being the cheerleader I needed!

I am excited to head off to Orlando in November to participate in our 30th convention called OnStage and to be able to attend Centre Stage which will be held at Epcot Center!  I am excited to learn from some amazing leaders.  I want to continue to grow and share what I have learned with my customers and team.

Thank you again for all the love and support that you have given me and will continue to give me!


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