Happy Birthday Lorrie!

Little did I know how important a part of my life Lorrie would be way back in 1989 as a 12 year old little girl joining Job’s Daughters.  Lorrie was the Bethel Guardian or the lead adult adviser.  She taught me how to walk, how to pray, how to stand at attention, how to keep my skirt pulled down, how to memorize, how to make a motion…all the things young women should know.

My path took me to another Bethel.

Soon my girls grew up and all join Job’s Daughters and my youngest son became a DeMolay.  Our paths became one again.  Only this time, Lorrie was helping to shape the most important parts of my lives – my children.  She loved my girls – just like her own.  She softened over time – but still taught them the same lessons she taught to me.  These are lessons that to some may see silly, but to my family they are how we should live.

  • “No mom this is how you clap, we are ladies”
  • “Mr. Thumb likes Mr. Fingers – so keep them together”
  • “Where is your marching line – start over!”
  • What type of square corner is that – start over!”
  • “If it hurts, it’s right”
  • “Whatever you do, do not scratch your nose until after competition”

But the most important lesson that we learned, was simple, “we are loved, we are strong young women, we have to believe in ourselves, and we can do anything – there is absolutely nothing we can’t do”

Thank you Lorrie for being a part of our lives, the lives of so many other young men and women over the last 30 years.  Our world is a much better place because of the lessons you have taught all of us.

So, happy 50th birthday Mother Mick – I mean Lorrie Jackie!

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