Inspiration from Me to You

I’ve said it a few times things have been bumping right along in our house – unknown changes – I know for the better.  But, for now it’s a very scary, shaky road we are on.  I can’t wait for the good that is going to come out of this path we are on.

Chelsea our Young Adults and Discipleship Pastor had shared this post on her Facebook page.  We’ve had several Priscilla Shirer bible studies over the year – and as Priscilla would say “Girl!, you gotta hear this!”

You see, I am constantly reminding Ken just how faithful God is.  That he is the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega, he always was and always is, he is unmoveable.  He is right and just, he is our guide and our peace.  He will never leave us, forsake us, or forget us.  He will pick us up, he will provide for us, he will feed us, he will heal us, and he will above us mend us.

So, through this I wonder if I’m really telling Ken everything he already knows just to reassure myself of how awesome our God is.  Because as I go through this I feel lost, I feel like God has me by the belt loop as I dangle over the edge of the cliff.  I sometimes question “why?”, “when is this going to end?”, “how come I feel like David having to fight Goliath every step of the way?”.

The thing is is, more so right now, than ever before I know that He is my everything, He is my protector (along with Ken), He is going to provide, He is my Savior.  He is my Daddy!

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