Inspiration from Me to You


I had another post scheduled for today.  However, I saw this picture popped up  in my Facebook news feed this morning.  It was posted by a childhood friend Misty.  There was no message, just this image.  So I type this post on my phone while sitting across from Ken while we eat breakfast before church.  It’s the message I needed.

We all have seasons in life.  Some are shorter, some are longer, some never seem to end.  In this season of my life I feel like I can’t move, I’m frozen.  I want to move – I want to run, but I can’t.  I can not be moved.

God has a purpose for the season.  He does not want me to move.  He wants me to be firm, stay where I am at and fight.  While others might have administrators or legal teams on their side.  I have the Lord on mine.

So I will stand firmly planted in place knowing that my God, my Savior, my protector, my strength with stand firmly planted with me.

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