Change in the air…again

I get it…A year ago I said change was in the air and nothing happened.  Well this time, change is in the air.  I’ve got 15 days off for Christmas break.  I plan to spend that time updating my blog, putting my 2016 plan into action and having a great time with friends and family.

I guess I should explain where I have been and what has happened since my last post.  It’s been a wild ride – but totally worth it.

Ken had undergone a major life altering surgery in February  one in which we are still recuperating from and we are currently awaiting approval for the second surgery.  It’s been a long road – but we have faith in knowing God will carry us through this.

Jackie is now an 8th grader.  Like any other 8th grade girl – life is always exciting.  She is my sweet little ball of energy who keeps things exciting every minute of the day.


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