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AWOL, MIA, I don’t know where I am at!

Sorry for my lack of posts over the last few weeks.  We have faced some really unexpected and disappointing news on the 1st of July that has left my family in a complete tail spin.  We have been given 21 days to move.  It appears the home we have rented for the last three years has gone into foreclose and left my family holding the bag.  We have spent the last two weeks trying to pack, locate a house, and generally figure out what to do.

The good news is we found a home, not far from where we live now.  We will begin to move on the 1st.  All of my Stampin’ Up! room is completely packed, (I am completely heart broken!).  I have not been able to be creative in any fashion for weeks now and it is driving me crazy!

I will be back up and running soon!  I can’t wait get the creative juices flowing again.  We have some really fabulous new products in our holiday mini catalog.  You will love them too! 

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