Annual Catalog 2016 - 2017

Life Happens

It’s been a long time since I was here in the cyber world.  Actually it’s been a long time since I was anywhere near my craft supplies.  Life has happened some good , some bad and some in between.  I won’t go into detail but things have been up in the air, major changes are taking place.  I’ve been in a pity party.

I talked today with my Business Advisor (BDA) from the Corporate office.  The great thing about my BDA – she pulls no punches and holds my feet to the fire.  I’ve talked with a few friends and of course my hero – but I don’t know something was different today when I talked to Shelby.  I shared where I was at in my pity party and what I feel like I should be doing and how I want to achieve these goals.

I am going to be sitting down over the next few days and letting my customers and team mates know where things are at and I am not going anywhere.  I’ve just been derailed and should have turned to them for support!  I have the best team, friends and customers ever.

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