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Tips & Tricks: Organization

I was recent asked about some of my storage solutions for my studio.  Although I am in the middle of revamping several of my own storage solutions and studio design, I’ll share a few of my storage solutions.

I don’t have a good storage solution for my cardstock.  It’s because of the way that my current cabinets are designed.  However, based on this; the way I store my cardstock works well.

I picked up these file boxes at Wal-Mart or Staples.  I currently use three of them to hold my cardstock.  I have each color placed in a file folder and labeled with an actual sample of the paper.  I prefer to do it this way so that I can see the actual color – there is no guessing!

I also have two color families per box.  The third box is where I house my In-Colors and specialty paper (such as watercolor paper, glossy paper, vellum).  On the outside of the box I just printed out a quick list in order of my paper and slapped it on the front.  It gives me a quick reference to see what is in each box or for my customers to easily access paper if needed.


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