Blessed Stampers

Blessed Stampers

It has been weighing on my heart to create a team name for my team of stampers.  It was something that I have been thinking about and even had team materials printed with Inky Fingers Stamping.


I felt like, I needed to take my business in a new positive direction.  I needed to have my team separate from my business.  I know that sounds really bad when you read that.  But let me try to explain a little better.  Inky Fingers Stamping is my personal brand – its who I am.  I am constantly stamping with inky fingers.

I wanted my team to have an identity of their own.   I am forever grateful for those who want to join me on this journey as a hobbyist (taking advantage of the amazing discount for themselves) or as a business owner.  I have been all over this amazing journey and know what a blessing this journey is.

Which is why I choose the name I did – Blessed Stampers.  I have been incredibly blessed with some pretty fabulous women who have invited me into their lives.  They love me as broken as I am, support me with all of my crazy ideas, cheer for me when I am about to do something utterly amazing – but most of all these women are my tribe.  And for that …

Blessed Stamper Logo

I know they are going to read this post and to them, I say thank you.  Thank you for inspiring me to bless my team, my customers, my family, my neighbors as you have blessed me.  Because of you I am a Blessed Stamper. 

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